These excerpts are believed to be from Tulisidas’ last poem. In 1607 A.D he had a severe cancer-like pain in his arm, and his whole body started festering with terrible boils and sores. In sheer despair he prayed to Hanuman for his recovery; hence, the Hanumanabahuka. This, it is said, stilled his suffering. Thereafter Tulasidasa lived in peace until he died in Benares, 1623 A.D., as full of days as of glory.
The destroyer of Sita’s grief,
O great sea-crosser,
Your body, the colour of the morning sun.
Long-limbed , terrible,
Like Death even to the Lord of death,
The incendiary of Srilanka’s forest deep,
The fearless one,
The Wind-god’s son,
The destroyer of the Savage’s pride,
Easy you are to serve.
Singing your praises,
Remembering you,
Bowing down to you,
Repeating your name,
Mastered is all calamity,
However dire and terrible,
Says Tulasidasa.
Your body, a mountain of gold,
Shining with the splendour
Of a million mid-day suns in one,
Wide your chest,
Powerful your arms,
Body and nails
Mighty as the thunderbolt,
Eyes, the colour of gold,
Terrible your brows and teeth.
Terrible your tongue and mouth,
Golden your hair,
O hard-tailed one,
The destroyer of the wicked hordes,
Evil nor remorse can never approache the heart,
Not even in a dream,
Where dwells your image
Oh terrible one,
Born of the Wind,
Says Tulasidasa.
From my very boyhood
Did I stand before Rama,
Straight of heart,
Saying, Rama, Rama….
Thus repeating his Name
Did I live on crumbs,
Begging the food I ate.
Later did I fall into the ways of the world,
Plunging into delusion,
Breaking the holy bond of my Lord,
Of Rama, my King.
And them, as I lived a counterfeit life,
Behaving in all ways vile,
Did the Lord Hanumana take me up,
Purge me, prove me in Rama!
From mere Tulasi to Goswami,
My dark days have I forgotten!
With love, I take the ritual of repeating
The Lord’s Name………………
So says Tulasidasa.