Mystic Temple with Jai Uttal: Solo Concert, San Rafael, CA

Open Secret Bookstore 923 C St, San Rafael, CA, United States

Get your tickets   The Mystic Temple with Jai Uttal: A Solo Concert Join renowned artist Jai Uttal for this special solo concert at Open Secret in San Rafael.  In this heart opening  evening, Jai will share with you chants, songs, and stories.  So please join him and a sweet community for a very [...]

Jai Uttal and The Kirtan Love Experience in LA

The Art of Living Dome 948 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, United States

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Sat. Mar 9, 2024 7:00-9:00pm PT The Art of Living Dome 948 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90007 $50 early bird by March 1st- $60 after that. Embark on a vocal journey through the sacred sounds of ancient India. With call-and-response group chanting and storytelling, Jai Uttal creates a space of invocation, prayer, and heartfelt expression. “These ancient chants,” says Jai “contain a transformative power and healing energy. By singing these prayers we join a stream of consciousness and devotion that has been flowing for centuries.” Jai has been leading Kirtans worldwide for over 50 years, creating a safe environment for people to open their hearts and voices. No previous experience is needed. This is an exploration and expression of the heart and the spirit

Level 1 + Online Kirtan Camp


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A journey into the healing power of sound and how our offerings in Kirtan can benefit us, our homes, others around us, and all of creation. Level 1 (+) Online Kirtan Camp with Jai Uttal combines 7 online modules (or episodes as we like to call them), live online group classes, as well as access to special bonus voice and harmonium practice videos. No prior experience needed.

Mantra Love w/Jai Uttal (Solo & Unplugged)

The Center SF 548 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA, United States

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Join Jai Uttal for an hour of deep sonic, restorative and prayerful Mantra Love session. In this space of invocation and prayer you will fill the transformative power and healing energy of these ancient prayers.

Songs of Enchantment: Concert in Berkeley, CA

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Songs of Enchantment: A Concert with Jai Uttal & Friends at Freight & Salvage in Berkeley - CA Saturday, April 13, 2024 8:00PM Welcome to an intimate concert with renowned World Music artist and Grammy nominee, Jai Uttal. Jai is bringing his enchanted living room to you, at Freight & Salvage! Joined by his close-knit band of musicians, Jai will open the doors to a place of refuge, solace and celebration. From mystic love songs of 15th Century India, to dark banjo ballads, to ecstatic kirtans, join Jai and his band in a heart space of communion, invocation and joy!

Mantra Love & Lullaby in Fairfax, Ca

Padma Studio Fairfax 56 Bolinas Road, Fairfax, CA, United States

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Mantra Love & Lullaby with Jai Uttal (Solo & Acoustic) @ Padma Yoga Studio Fairfax - CA

Friday, April 26, 2024 from 5:00 PM 6:00 PM PT At Padma Studio - 56 Bolinas Road, Fairfax, CA Join Jai Uttal for an hour of deep sonic restorative mantra & lullaby. We will chant along with Jai one long and meditative mantra and then rest, while Jai sings us a lullaby.

Bhakti Yoga Workshop: Living in Devotion

Padma Studio Fairfax 56 Bolinas Road, Fairfax, CA, United States

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The calls of the day can feel loud and demanding. How can we honor our responsibilities and the world around us — without letting go of our connection with Divine love? By singing the ancient mantras of devotion we can explore and express the deepest caverns of our hearts and find the infinite well of peace within. Join Jai for a nourishing afternoon of  chanting and storytelling; the essences of Bhakti Yoga.  Open your voice, sing from your heart, and let Kirtan show the way.

Jai Uttal & Friends at Subud Hall in Sebastopol

Subud Hall 234 Hutchins, Sebastopol, CA, United States

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PeaceWave and Sirens presents a special evening of Kirtan with world-renowned, grammy-nominated artist Jai Uttal.  Performing with Jai Uttal is Prajna Vieira and Ben Leinbach. Prajna is a  creative and original singer, and composer performing vocals,  and harmonium. Multi-instrumentalist Ben Leinbach creates music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind, and spirit

Hanuman’s Heart Retreat

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Hanuman's Heart: The Essence of Bhakti and Service Neem Karoli Baba Ashram in Taos - with Jai Uttal, Dale Borglum and Nubia Teixeira. Friday, Jun 7 2:00 pm to Sunday, Jun 9, 9:00 pm MST The Neem Karoli Baba Ashram is hosting a retreat at the ashram in collaboration with the Ram Dass Love Serve Remember Foundation. This will be a three-day retreat featuring the notable bhakta and kirtan singer Jai Uttal; RamDev Borglum, the founder and director of The Living/Dying Project, author, teacher, lecturer, and meditation guide; and Nubia Teixeira, yogini, teacher trainer, Odissi dancer, and founder of Bhakti Nova School of Yoga.