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New Single: Primordial Swamp Beat Live!

Primordial Swamp Beat Live by Jai Uttal

Primordial Swamp Beat LIVE

AVAILABLE NOW on all streaming and downloading platforms!!!

My new single!!! A 20 minute live performance/invocation/kirtan dedicated to Lord Shiva!!

Live at the Freight & Salvage
November 6th, 2021

There are nights and there are NIGHTS! There are gigs and there are GIGS! And, lastly, there are kirtans and there are KIRTANS!!!!

November 6th at the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley, California was one such evening. At that point we were one year and nine months into the pandemic that has defined this era. Things seemed to be opening up and we were all so psyched to be together again – both audience and musicians – to partake in the magic that is created when we sing the ancient mantras of kirtan. The high point of the night was, without question, this performance of ‘Primordial Swamp Beat’, from my double album, ‘Roots Rock Rama!’ An ode and invocation to Shiva Mahadeva, the Lord of Transformation, this chant pulled us out of the unceasing current of time and drew us into the timeless space of ‘He Who Created Time’! What a blast.

Especially exciting and heartwarming for me was the emergence of my son, Ezra Uttal, as a great band member and soloist. Check out the keyboards and tell me if you believe that player was 16 years old.

That’s about all I have to say right now. Please listen and enjoy the ride.

Ezra Uttal – Keyboards
Ben Leinbach – bass and percussion
Michaelle Goerlitz – percussion
Prajna Vieira – vocals
Sandy Cressman – vocals
Jeff Cressman – trombone
Jai Uttal – guitar and vocals

Live recording by Bob Whitfield
Mixed and mastered by Ben Leinbach

The studio version of Primordial Swamp Beat is on my double album, ‘Roots Rock Rama!’

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From my home temple I’m inviting you to join me in prayer and song, and to dive deeply into the Ocean of Bhakti. Together we will delve into online kirtan camp, a timeless gift that has been given to us by the saints and sages of ancient India.

This course includes both extended video lessons from Jai filled with tutorials, stories and more, as well as  live online sessions with Jai. Course begins Oct. 23, 2022. Our first LIVE online class will be Nov 20, 2022. Sign up by Oct 30, 2022 to save $100 for Early Bird Discount!

Anchor yourself on the path of Bhakti Yoga by focusing on some of its main practices (Kirtan, Japa and storytelling), which connect you to the ever present source of love that flows within our hearts and throughout all of creation.

When people ask me, “How do I start my own kirtan practice?, my answer is: “Just start!” I know, without a doubt, that every single one of us has absolutely everything we need to start our own personal devotional practice.

Begin slowly, at your own pace, and make a small and very easy commitment to chant three to five minutes a day, watering that tender shoot of devotion in the deepest recesses of your soul. Before you can even say 108 RAMs, the seed of bhakti within your heart will blossom into a beautiful tree of spiritual connection and love, and become a shelter of peace and compassion for others.

The experience of Kirtan Camp touched me so much, I repeated it 2 more times!  And after three times in three different locations, my heart still yearns to immerse myself into the bubble of Bhakti Jai, Nubia & team create… much in the same way that Jai talks about the yearning of our human experience to merge with the divine.  Engaging and emotional story telling, wonderful musical support, humble devotion and often times rocking kirtan bliss are a few of the highlights that fill my memories from these experiences.

Since my first round of Kirtan camp in 2002, I have been hosting mantra events on a global scale and owe a huge part of this to Kirtan camp.  I felt supported, inspired and motivated to bring chanting and devotion more deeply into my life and this has had a powerful and long lasting impact on everything I do.

David Lurey, Founder of Find Balance Yoga

Jai’s Kirtan Camp is life changing!  I took the very 1st one back in 2003 and this training fully opened up the path of kirtan and Bhakti for me.  I give the highest recommendation to anyone wanting to dive deeper into kirtan and Bhakti to take this training!!!

Govind Das , Owner, Bhakti Yoga Shala, Santa Monica, Ca

Kirtan Camp with Jai was a wonderful experience. It helped me to deepen my Kirtan practice and inspired me to use my own voice to share these beautiful prayers with the world. It is something I cherish and will never forget. Deep bows Jai for all you have done to pave the way for so many!

Marti Nikko


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Sat, Dec 10 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm PST

Prayer – A Solo Concert with Jai Uttal

Sat, Dec 17 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm PST

Ecstatic Chant Retreat at Blue Spirit, Costa Rica

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My musical Guru, Ali Akbar Khan, used to speak so sweetly about his time in the Rajasthani court, playing for the king who became his patron and benefactor. Khansahib, as we lovingly called him, claimed he would never have become the maestro that he was without having had that patronage. And the same is true for so many of the greatest artists, playwrights, scientists and musicians of history – they all had patrons helping them to achieve their life’s vision.

Well, times have changed. The days of royal patronage are long gone. But now, with crowdfunding and other miracles, we’re relearning the art of giving in a new and very modern way. As we rediscover our interconnectedness and interdependence, we find the awareness that we all need to become patrons of each other.


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