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India has an ancient tradition of honoring and revering what they call ‘Holy Madmen’, individuals who are filled to the brim with the ecstasy of divine presence. Often these men and women will sing, dance and recite spontaneous poetry. Considered ‘crazy’ by the mainstream, they are a living treasure to those with eyes that can see past the surface. My dear friend Shyamdas (1953-2013) was a holy madman, an inspiration to all and a brother to me. This song is a love letter to him. 

Jai Uttal

New Album: LET ME BURN

Jai Uttal, Let Me Burn, Alan di Perna, One of America's foremost music scribes, Alan di Perna has been writing professionally about popular music and culture since 1980.

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For the last year and half the world has been in a cocoon, inwardly burning, waiting for the chrysalis to fall away. As we enter the summer months and our hearts begin to emerge, ready to fly, Jai Uttal is celebrating his 70th birthday with his latest album release ‘Let me Burn’, which will drop on August 4th!

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My musical Guru, Ali Akbar Khan, used to speak so sweetly about his time in the Rajasthani court, playing for the king who became his patron and benefactor. Khansahib, as we lovingly called him, claimed he would never have become the maestro that he was without having had that patronage. And the same is true for so many of the greatest artists, playwrights, scientists and musicians of history – they all had patrons helping them to achieve their life’s vision.

Well, times have changed. The days of royal patronage are long gone. But now, with crowdfunding and other miracles, we’re relearning the art of giving in a new and very modern way. As we rediscover our interconnectedness and interdependence, we find the awareness that we all need to become patrons of each other.


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