In 1943 Maharajji came to Fatehgarh, where there was an old couple whose son was away fighting in Burma. When Maharajji came to their house they gave the little they had to Maharajji . The had only two cots. Maharajji said, “ I’ll sleep now.” They gave him one of the cots and a blanket. The old couple stayed up the whole night watching Maharajji. He was groaning and moving in the bed until 4:00 AM. At 4:30 AM Maharajji became quiet; then he took the bed sheet and wrapped something in it. He told the old man, “It’s very heavy. Don’t try to see what’s in it. You should throw it into the Ganges where it’s deep. No one should see you or you’ll be arrested.” As he was taking it to the Ganges he felt it and it was full of bullets.

When he returned , the old man was told by Maharajji, “Don’t worry. Your son is coming in a month.” When the son come some weeks later, he said he had almost died. His company had been ambushed by the enemy and by chance he had fallen into a ditch. All night, bullets were flying left and right. At 4:00 AM the Japanese saw that they had killed everyone, and so they retreated. At 4:30 the Indian troops came. The son was the only surviver. It was the same night Maharajji had visited the parents that this ambush occured…………

“Ohhh Kabir, why be afraid of anyone when the Lord Himself protects you? What does it matter if a thousand dogs bark fiercely when you are seated on an elephant?”


Wow, these stories can be pretty hard to believe, but the real miracle is the infinite love, protection, and caring that the guru has for his devotees, and that this love is so abundantly available to us at all times….

And as Maharajji said:
“I am like the wind, no one can hold me. I belong to everyone, no one can own me. The whole world is my home, all are my family. I live in every heart, I will never leave you.”