What does Kirtan do to your heart?

Jai Uttal KirtanGreetings Dear Bhaktas! 

We asked Jai:

What does Kirtan do to your heart?

You can read or listen to Jai’s answer:

“Every time I sing kirtan whether it is a large group, or a small group, or just by myself at home, I feel a deep churning in my heart.

Emotions that I didn’t really know were there start bubbling up from this swell of human feelings.

And through the calling, through the sound that comes out of my mouth, and through the Mantras that I sing I feel that this emotion connects me to my Guru and connect me to God.

Sometimes I feel it very very strongly and sometimes just a little but it’s never not there, so I feel that my heart becomes cleansed and soft, and I guess I could say renewed.

Each time I sing I am very grateful for that.”

We, Team Jai, would like to ask you:

What does Kirtan do to your heart? Let us know! 

Jai Ma,

Team Jai