Hey there friends!!!!!!

Welcome to my new website……. We thought it was time for a change. Not only a new look, but a website that I could deal with a bit easier than my old one. I’ve been wanting to write notes to you all (I guess they’re called blogs… I really have a hard time with that word. But the idea is great, isn’t it?), upload pictures from my iPhone and computer, offer more special music downloads. Hopefully, the new site and new technology will make that all do-able for such a non-techie guy as myself.

Big thanks must go out to my friend and designer Sankar Sury and to my manager, Steve Dalmer, for pulling this all together. Whew….. A website is a huge job……..

Anyway, I sincerely hope you like the new site. And please be patient if there are a few glitches at first, it’s all a work in progress. (Actually, isn’t life a work in progress?!?!).

Thunder LoveOh and one more thing, my new CD “THUNDER LOVE” will actually be released on March 24th. Enjoy!!!!!!

much love,