Welcoming Spring, the season of LOVE – A Bhakti Celebration

Jai Uttal and Nubia Teixeira

When: 4pm
Where: Namaste Berkeley
2820 7th St
Berkeley, CA
Tickets: $55; $45 if registered by April 16. Register here.
Website: www.ilovenamaste.com
Details: Bhakti Yoga is path of personal, loving relationship with the Divine, as He or She manifests in every molecule of creation. It is an inner journey of surrender, powerful emotions and deep practice, not for the faint of heart. For as we explore the interior landscapes of our souls we quickly realize that there are no maps and our only guide is the very longing of our deepest selves to meet our true Beloved. We make mistakes, take wrong turns, but none of it matters as we sing and passionately call out to that infinite source of Love…..

Jai and Nubia have been traveling on the journey of Bhakti their whole lives. Please come and join them in a heart opening adventure through breath, movement and sacred sound, blending these traditions in a deep and playful way.

Nubia Teixeira – pranayama, mudra and creative asana
Jai Uttal – chanting and story telling