Hey everybody!!!

Today is “International Sing Like A Kid Day”!!!!!

What? You haven’t heard of this? Oh, wow! This is the day that we’re all supposed to lose our inhibitions and self consciousness and let our voices soar and sing and scream in praise and joy! Just like kids….

Oh no! Don’t tell me that the forces of grown-up oppression have combined to hide this special day from all of us very adult non-singers. We must act now before it’s too late!!!! Sing! Sing! Sing!

Ok, ok…. Get serious, Jai!

Well, I am serious, sort of. The reason I’m writing this is that today is the official release date of my new CD: Kirtan Kids: The Elephant, The Monkey and the Little Butter Thief, a TOTALLY ADORABLE collection of songs, kirtans and stories sung mostly by kids, for kids….

Ben Leinbach and I had so much fun making this CD. A whole bunch of kids helped. Kindergarteners, first graders, second graders… All the way up to one wonderful sixteen-year-old…

Plus a farm load of animals, and an entire jungle of wild beasts.

I’m not telling you any more… you’ll just have to see for yourself! There’s a special Kirtan Kids page where you can listen, see adorable behind-the-scenes videos, and download the Kirtan Kids bookCheck it out today!!!!

Lots of love,

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