Greetings friends,

Well, it seems like ages ago that we started conceiving of a music video for “Down On My Knees,” one of my favorite songs from Thunder Love.

First, my good Bhakti buddy Gaura Vani introduced me to his two childhood friends Ishan and Marija, who were just back from film school in Paris. We all liked each other immediately and they very emphatically said “Yes!” But, uh, where were going to get the money…. So we said we’d brainstorm and think about it. We thought, and we thought, and thought some more, but no money manifested….. Oh well, I thought, that was that…….

Then one day I got a phone call from Ishan. “Have you heard of” I hadn’t. He explained that it was a way for the greater community to help each other finance all sorts of projects, everything from books, to plays, to music, to movies, to day care centers…. So we gave it a try and within a matter of weeks our financial goal was reached. Wow! Once again I was shown how much love and kindness actually exists in this world, how willing people are to come forward and help when its needed. To all you who extended yourselves for this project, I offer you a big thank you!!!

So then we filmed. Hard work!!!! Long long days… Hot sun, freezing winds. I see why I’m a musician and not an actor (well, besides talent and lack of it…). My while family got involved, with little Ezra Gopal stepping into the starring role and Nubia manifesting her deep shaman dancer side. I just did what I usually do, I sang.

And Ishan and Marija edited, edited, edited, edited…… Trying out many different versions and views and finally deciding on the final cut. When I’m mixing an album, I’m aware that the process can go on and on, not getting better, just different…. Finally we say, “Enough!” and that’s the album. I imagine that editing the film is a bit like that. But I also think these guys are geniuses. Very sweet geniuses…..

So, at long last, here it is, my first music video, after soooo long in this crazy world called the music business. “Down On My Knees”……

Now the challenge is to get it out and spread it around, like a virus of love, and I’m asking you all to help. Let’s make a chain letter. If everyone passes the link on to two people, and asks each of those two people to do the same, pretty soon the whole world will see this video. (Well, I know, I know. But it’s fun to exaggerate.) Now, with this chain letter, if you don’t pass it on, absolutely nothing bad will happen to you. No car wrecks, bounced checks, broken bones…. But on the other hand, perhaps nothing good or different will happen to you either. So what do you think? Wanna give it a try? Pass this on and spread the circle of mantra and love and prayer.

I was also thinking of a contest. Ezra Gopal is dressed as a very particular character, a hero in a beautiful animated movie, one of our favorites. The first person to guess who this character is gets a Thunder Love CD and a Jai Uttal t-shirt. Fun? Submit your answer on Facebook here.

Well, that’s it for now. Enjoy the video and please stay in touch.

Lots of love,