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Mantra Love: Special LIVE Online Series with Jai Uttal

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From Friday, January 26 to Sunday January 28th from 5-6:15 pm PDT.
I want to invite you all to a very special Mantra Love online concert series! Please join me LIVE from the mystic living room for an hour of songs and chants and sweet, heartfelt community. Please tell your friends and tell them to tell their friends!

Get ready to join hearts and virtual hands and spread the blanket of universal love to all beings.

Join me for 3 inspiring Mantra Sessions in which we will simply sing and raise our vibrations of love and awareness, and spread this energy far and wide.

Let’s gather together for 3 Days of Mantra Chanting, starting on the first full moon of 2024.

Each day I will choose one mantra and sing it with you .

Let us ring in the new year in a wave of prayer, singing together from the depths of our beings, as we heal our hearts and envelope the planet in a blanket of ‘Mantra Love’.

When you love something you can’t help but pour your heart into it!

When you love a mantra, it loves you back and the more love you pour into your mantra practice, the more love you receive. After a while, this love affair between you and your mantra practice becomes a wheel, turning and churning the well of light within your heart!

Please join me and register now for the series!

May 2024 be a year of peace and hope!
Love and gratitude,

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