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Bhakti Bazaar: Music for Yoga and Other Joys Volume 2

01. Rama Bolo (16:59)
02. Devakinandana Gopala (16:20)
03. Shyama Bolo (16:36)
04. Ganga Ma (18:43)

The newest album from Jai Uttal and follow-up to the very popular Music for Yoga and Other Joys. Come visit the “Bhakti Bazaar,” where the only currency is love. All are welcome to enjoy an endless feast of melody and rhythm, of longing and ecstasy, of divine moods and passions. Vocalist Tina Malia, Nepalese bamboo flutist Manose, and others join Jai Uttal and Ben Leinbach to offer Bhakti Bazaar – created especially “for yoga and other joys” and ready to awaken the flame of devotion in everyone. Instrumentation includes dotar, electric guitar, and slide tamboura.

Jai’s welcome to the “Bhakti Bazaar:”

“Sometime last year I sent a note to my Facebook friends asking “Does anyone buy CDs?” I got about a zillion responses, everything from ‘always’ to ‘never.’ And I quickly realized that none of the answers mattered at all to me in terms of my creative/spiritual/devotional practice of music. So I went over to Ben’s home studio a few blocks from my home and we said to each other, “Let’s do something!” It was that easy…

“But we wanted to find a different approach; one that would be fun, soulful and reawakening of our creative processes. So we took some beats and grooves and simply wandered. No rules, no formulas except following our feelings… Why should a song or chant have just one melody when the internal landscape has thousands. We went browsing in the great ‘Bhakti Bazaar.’ I remember so well the bazaars in the holy town of Vrindavan in Northern India, where one shop sells statues of the Gods and Goddesses, the next shop sells clothing for those statues, the next sells flower garlands for offerings, the next sells incense, the next sells clothing to wear while making the offerings, the next sells beads for saying the prayers while making the offerings… On and on and on… Filled with colors, smells, fun, chaos and most of all, love. And in the process of making this CD, I once again rediscovered the joy and healing that comes from making music, be it live or in the studio. So, we present you with our own ‘Bhakti Bazaar.’ Ben and I love this new CD, and we hope that it’s as nurturing and fun for you all as it was for us!”