Hi friends,

Happy Autumn Equinox! I hope that the slowly shortening days and lengthening nights are drawing you all inward to the tranquillity and introspection of Winter. Actually, here in Northern California, it’s been so hot we can barely breathe! The fan is on, the windows are all open and I’m looking forward to a good water gun fight with Ezra when he comes home from school. Out in the back yard the beautiful deer are searching for shade and for some moist leaves. Ahhh well, global warming has not been kind to our plant and animal life….

Anyway, I know I’m a couple of days late with my Autumn greetings but things have been quite busy over here at Lovebarn. Between traveling, tons of local gigs, recording, getting Ezra back to a school schedule, and having the flu… well, I’m just a couple of days (weeks?) behind the ball….

For many months I’ve been hinting at the release of my next album: a double CD entitled Roots, Rock, Rama!. I’ve posted some little in-studio videos and I’ve also posted some short teasers of the songs. Well, I’m so happy to say that the album is complete and I LOVE it!!! Several people have questioned my sanity when I’ve told them it was a double CD. But I guess, when it comes to music and Bhakti, I’ve always been a bit nutty. I feel so strongly about this recording; I knew it had to come out now and I knew that I needed to include all the songs. Although I could have fit the music on a single disc, I decided on a double because I felt there were two very distinct moods. The first disc is entitled Rama Sun, named for Sri Ram of the Solar Dynasty. The songs are up tempo, very lively Reggae kirtans, featuring The Pagan Love Orchestra. You’ve heard many of the songs at Bhaktifest, Omega Ecstatic Chant and celebrations all around the world. Disc 2 is called Rama Moon, dedicated to Lord Ramachandra and his moon-faced beloved, Sita. Here the mood is one of introspection, and the music is trancey, psychedelic, chilled-out prayer, bringing together Brazil and India in a very unique and new way. Those of you who know me personally are aware of how self-critical I am. I hardly ever listen to my own music. But this one is different. I REALLY LOVE THIS ENTIRE DOUBLE ALBUM!!!

Roots, Rock, Rama! is going to be released by my dear friends at Mantralogy, the same record company that releases Gaura Vani, The Mayapuris, Sri Kirtan, Ben Leinbach, Prajna Vieira, Prema Hara, and so many of my super close Bhakti buddies. So I feel like I’m in the absolute right place! We decided that the best time to release will be in early February, so I’m having to be patient, which is hard for me! Can you guys wait?? I’m on the edge of my seat!!

Anyway, you may be wondering why I’m writing about this so far in advance. I’m mentioning it now because it relates back to two other projects in which I’ve been very involved for quite a while. The first is my online courses, hosted by Where Is My Guru, and the second is the amazing world of Patreon.com/JaiUttal.

BUT HERE’S THE BIG NEWS: everyone who registers for my next course will get a free download of one of the songs for my new album! And everyone who joins me on Patreon (including all of you who are already there with me) will get a 20% discount to the course PLUS that free download!!! I guess it’s a day to give gifts! Check out all the info below…

Even for a sadhu on a remote mountain top, finding and watering the seeds of divine love can feel like a journey of a thousand lifetimes. But how much more so in the midst of our busy modern lives, with their seemingly endless demands and challenges? At times it seems like maintaining a devotional and loving attitude is a super-human and almost impossible task. However, with simple baby steps, plus the guidance of the ancient ones, we can re-learn to let God (or Goddess) be our personal ‘Super Hero’, surrendering to His grace, however it manifests, day after day.

Tuesday, October 25th at 8pm EST
Tuesday, November 1st at 8pm EST
Tuesday, November 8th at 8pm EST
Sunday, November 13th at 3pm EST


I hope to see you and meet you all and sing with you all really soon, and I hope you have a great and joyful day.

That’s it for now!

Lots of love,