Hi friends,

Well, we have eleven days until the launching of my first online course, Awakening Bhakti on March 1. Jessica Durivage, who has created the online “university” Where Is My Guru and who is hosting me, suggested that we do an Instagram Challenge called “Seeds of Bhakti” to create more awareness about the course. I was, as usual, a bit skeptical and not so into the concept of a “challenge.” But I went along with Jess and gave it a try. WOW! The pictures and deeply personal posts that our participants shared were beyond inspiring. I was so moved by this challenge and I only hope that what I share in the online course will be as profound. I always find in our Kirtan Camps that EVERYONE who attends has so much to share, and that we all become the teachers AND the students. I hope and trust that this will also be the case online.

Last week, Kasey Luber (BigHappyDay) came over and filmed a five episode version of me (re)telling the Ramayana — the story of God’s journey on Earth as Rama; Goddess’s journey as Sita; and Lord Shiva, the ultimate devotee’s journey as the Monkey God Hanuman. It’s a tale of passion, longing, divine love, war, and, ultimately, the victory of good over evil. It’s the story of the AVATAR, and His LILA, or cosmic play. These episodes are some of the many perks and gifts that will be sent midweek to all the course participants. I think you’ll really enjoy them. So if you’re interested check out WhereIsMyGuru.com and sign up soon…..

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’m going back into Ben’s recording studio today to record horns for my upcoming album ROOTS, ROCK, RAMA. Remember Peter Apfelbaum and Jeff Cressman from The Pagan Love Orchestra? They’re the horn section!!!!! I can’t wait.

Love you all and hope to see you online!!!!!!

Jay Jay Sita Ram!!! Jay Jay Hanuman!!!

Love and peace,