Hi everyone.

Well, today’s the day!!!

My new CD Return to Shiva Station: Kailash Connection officially enters the material world. Reserve your seat on the train to the heavenly realms of Sri Hari, courtesy of Lord Shiva himself by simply ordering the album

No, seriously…. That sounds super goofy and pretentious, but I truly hope you enjoy the new CD. Please spread the word, and if you do like it, please post some good reviews on the online shops.


Track List
1. Guru Brahma
2. Shiva Station (Namah Shivaya)
3. Hari Guna Gao
4. Calling You
5. Malkouns (Night On The Ganges)
6. Rama Raghava
7. Bhajore
8. Corner
9. Sita Ram
10. Jaya Jagadambe (She Who Tears Apart Thought)
11. Never Turn Away

Here’s a short “home-movie” version of one of my favorites from Return to Shiva Station entitled “Guru Brahma”… We filmed it last night, one take before bed. It gives a bit of the flavor of the album – all acoustic, intimate versions of the songs from the original Shiva Station, which was released fifteen years ago.

The new album features my friend and teacher, Jose Neto, a true master of the nylon string guitar, weaving in and around my own guitar and banjo, as well as Ben Leinbach on bass and percussion (and co-production), Prajna Vieira singing, Timothy White on sitar (the first of all my albums to have sitar!) and Yoed Nir on cello. A small but powerful ensemble.

That’s it for now. I hope you all really love Return to Shiva Station: Kailash Connection!!!!!!

Warm wishes, and lots of love,

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