Pranayama: May our Breath Be Our Prayer

Pranayama: May our Breath Be Our Prayer

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1 Twameva Prayer & Conscious Breath:
2 Three Phases of the Breath: Abdominal, Diaphragmatic, & Thoracic Breathing
3 Prana Kriya: Yogic Breath
4 Prayer to the Compassionate Mother: Green Tara
5 Nadi Shodhana Pranayama: Alternate Nostril Breathing, & Japa of the Mantra OM
6 Bija Mantra Pranayama Vocalization

1 Gopala Lullaby & Meditation
2 Open Heart Pranayama
3 Prayer to Maitreya: the Buddha of Unconditional Love
4 Kumbhaka Bandha Pranayama
5 Bhastrika Pranayama: Accelerated Breathing
6 Kapalabhati Pranayama: Shining Skull Breath
7 Radiant Pranayama: Prayer for Peace & Movement Meditation to the Mantra of the Buddha
8 Shakya Muni Prayer

Prana, the vital energy present in the air that we breathe, links our inner and outer environments and connects us with all beings and all nature. The volume and quality of prana that circulates within our bodies determines the level of our vitality, and this internal reserve of energy can be increased and purified by pranayama, or conscious breathing. On “Pranayama: May our Breath Be Our Prayer”, Nubia Teixeira will guide you through a restorative practice interweaving thesebreathing techniques with open-hearted-meditation, visualization, and singing. Nubia is joined by celebrated world music artist, Jai Uttal, and his longtime collaborator, Ben Leinbach, who provide a vibrant new soundscape of progressive world music to embellish your pranayama practice.

Jai Uttal Kirtan