I’d like to introduce you to the first single from Roots, Rock, Rama! coming March 3rd — “H.A.R.I. (Hari Awakens Radha’s Incandescence).”

For so many reasons this song is a perfect introduction to the magical world of Roots, Rock, Rama!. Weaving together musical streams from India (The Melodious Strings of Mumbai), Jamaica (The Pagan Love Orchestra!!!), 70s rock and jazz, and, of course, The Beatles, this is essential World Spirit Music, music that dissolves the boundaries of culture, time, religion, and color, bringing the family of humanity just a little bit closer together.

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The lyrics are an ancient Sanskrit mantra invoking the Divine Lovers, Radha and Krishna. But there’s a slight twist: the word “Hari” literally means “thief,” in this case, “the thief of hearts!” — that mischievous rascal who steals our hearts and souls only to return them filled to the brim with love and peace. Perhaps to the chagrin of Sanskrit scholars, we took it one step further creating the acronym “Hari Awakens Radha’s Incandescence,” which can very simply be “translated” as saying “Love Awakens Love.” In these ultra challenging times, this message is so deeply essential.

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do!!!

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Love and peace,