Hmmmmm…… Like so many of us, I’m always thinking about this and that and the other thing. Sometimes a little bit profound and more often than not totally mundane. Then why is it that when I’m given the assignment (by myself!) to write a blog for my new website, I cant think of ANYTHING to say? Oh well, sometimes simply pushing myself to sit down and do something ~ music, yoga, writing ~ just opens up the gates… So here goes. Of course being a two finger typist doesn’t inspire too much.

I’m super excited about the fact that my new CD, “Thunder Love” comes out in two days. What a journey this CD has been. They’re all pretty deep birthing processes, but somehow this one has been even more intense. Certainly it took quite a bit longer to make than all of my other albums, but there’s more to it. I think it’s that “Thunder Love” is a much more vulnerable work than anything I’ve ever done. Sure, I’ve always worn my sloppy emotions pretty much on my sleeve and all over my shirt through the medium of my voice and my music, but this time I’m actually singing in English!!!!! Talking about feelings, dreams, fears….. (Uh Oh! That mean inner critic is screaming!) I guess it’s the first time in my life where I actually feel safe enough to do something really scary. Love songs. Sweetness, nakedness…. “Fun with fear!”. That’s what we say in Kirtan Camp….I really hope you all like it and love it.

But as thrilled as I am with the CD release, I have to confess that I’m WAY more excited about my son’s fourth birthday coming up at the end of this week. Four amazing, heart exploding years of laughter, tears, sleeplessness, intense joy. I’m still so surprised and thankful that Ezra Gopal has entered our lives…. Nubia and I sometimes look at each other and just cant believe it. Challenges, of course, but oh the blessings………

Back to the story (that’s what Ezra says when I get sidetracked)….. On March 7th I led a Kirtan at Laughing Lotus in San Francisco accompanied by Ben Leinbach and Radhanath Das on percussion and Manose on Bansuri flute. It was totally rocking. The walls were pulsing and the floors were throbbing! Quite to my surprise, Lou Judson and his beloved, Colleen, who were running the sound, also recorded and mixed the night. So I’m offering a special treat to all of you Kirtan devotees: a free 30 minute download of Rama Bolo from Laughing Lotus Yoga Studio in San Francisco, March 7th, 2009.


Here’s the link…… Enjoy.

Ok. My first blog. Nothing too amazing, but it’s a start. Happy spring to one and all!

much love,