My brother/friend/tabla player, Daniel Paul, is at long last ready to present JUL, an archive of live recordings of him and me recorded all over the world. Finally all those zillions of melodies which seem to come from the ethers and go back into the ethers will be available for download. Here’s what Daniel has written about this labor of love:

JAI UTTAL LIVE / The First Edition / Live Kirtan Downloads

For many years now I have been cataloging recordings from our live kirtan programs in order to keep a record of Jai’s prodigious productivity! For me, I like nothing better than when he surprises me with yet another new kirtan melody composed on the spot during a live event. The old problem was that many were forgotten by morning and so I began an effort to keep track of as many as I could. I now have 100’s and the time has come to share them with you!

I’ve just put together a massive 10 hour First Edition of 33 selections and for $36- you’ll get the passwords to browse our new secret we-site and download all the live kirtan programs dating back as as far as 2002! So, for those of you who just can’t get enough, go to Jai’s or my website and follow the links to JAI UTTAL LIVE, or just click here to find out more and listen to sample recordings!

Om Shanti Om,

Daniel Paul.