As the shocking reality of my old friend Geoffrey Gordon’s death begins to sink in, I’ve been remembering more and more of the amazing times we shared together. I think we met and became instant friends around 1970, and continued our adventures on and off for so many years. Geoffrey was right by my side playing Tabla for thousands of Kirtans, as we both called desperately for God to come and touch us. He was one of the original members of the Pagan Love Orchestra, adding his sweat and passion to countless performances. And we travelled all over the world together, getting in and out of trouble… In recent years we had been somewhat out of touch, but we’d often run into each other at festivals and big Kirtan events, and we always shared a big hug of deep timeless love. I trust that by now Geoffrey is jamming in the heavenly Kirtan band, gazing into Maharajji’s shining face, and showering love and bliss upon his family and beloveds still here on Earth.