Dear friends,

It’s winter here in Northern California and I’m bundled up, sitting on the couch and looking at our first real Christmas tree. Wow, my lucky son gets to celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Diwali and all the Hindu holidays…. Lots of gift-giving in this house. (Are we too consumeristic? Well, yeah, of course! But it’s worth it seeing my kid smile!). I was asked to tell a story at Ezra’s school Winter Celebration today and I’m trying to decide which one I can fit into ten minutes. Ramayana? Mahabharata? Tom and Jerry? The Hobbit! My mind is a jumbled junk shop of old and new songs and tales….

Anyway, as I was thinking and daydreaming, my fingers fiddling away at GarageBand on my iPad (The blessing/addiction/gift/curse of creativity never stops!), Nubia came up to me and said “Wouldn’t it be great to give a Holiday gift to your fans?” I said “Yeah, but what?” And she said, with that cute and sometimes too-smart little smile, “Look down at your fingers! You can send them all a song!!!!!”

So here it is. Just a simple little couch potato production with one of the great, ancient Sanskrit Mantras.

Download “Om Namo Bhagavate” here

Maybe I’ll do a whole album on my iPad GarageBand app someday, but, for now, I hope you all enjoy this one, and I hope and pray for a New Year of peace and universal love and good health and happiness to all!

Lots of love,