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OCTOBER 6, 5 – 6 pm PT / 8 – 9 pm ET

Join Nubia and Jai for an evening of yoga and invocation to celebrate our divine mother Durga in the beginning of this auspicious time of Navaratri (nine nights to invoke the Mother).

This is a time where the veils of the spiritual realm become a little more thin and the blessings of our spiritual protectors a little more available. It is a great time to pray, worship and partake on rituals to call love, light and spiritual guardianship.

Nubia will guide you through simple yin asanas, to open your physical body to visualization and ritual, embodying Durga’s powers.

Jai will lead you through simple chants to the Divine Mother, calling upon Durga’s blessings.

This class comes opening Nubia’s 9 days of Yoga to the Tridevis, from October 7-15 from 7-8am. Where Nubia will teach a Sadhana in the morning and suggest a ritual for the evening.