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Sacred Devotional Kirtan Chanting & Healing Bhakti Practices

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How to Uncover Your True Nature & Become an Instrument of Grace, Unconditional Love & Joyful Service

With Kirtan Artist & Grammy-Nominated Sacred Musician Jai Uttal
Saturday, October 16, 2021 at 10am PDT.

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Jai Uttal

Experience higher consciousness through the practice of sacred kirtan chants and bhakti, as you devote yourself to the Divine and open yourself to more profound love, compassion, and connection to others.
How open and receptive is your heart right now? Over the last several months, amidst so much fear and uncertainty, have you basically shut down, rolled over, and pulled the covers up, hoping to wake up when the world comes back to its senses?
When we’re in the throes of turmoil, it’s easy for our emotions to be all over the place. We can’t reason ourselves into being happy. Being angry, fearful, or sad can short-circuit our resolve and make us feel disconnected with ourselves and the world around us.

The rishis of ancient India believed that all of our emotions are vital in bringing light to our whole being. These venerable seers developed bhakti yoga as a way to harness the energy of our emotions — both positive and negative — and propel us back to connection with Source.

The spiritual practice of bhakti enables us to face ourselves with courage while surrendering to the Divine. We’re able to expand our conscious awareness when we accept both the upside and the downside of our anger, grief, and shame, so we can transform it into compassion for ourselves and others.

Bhakti, perhaps the simplest and most powerful of the four classical schools of yoga, is the practice of selfless devotion and recognition of the Divine in everything. It requires little to no physical movement, just a loving and open heart, and is often accompanied by beautiful kirtan chanting, sacred music that celebrates our connection to God.
In this FREE transformational online workshop, Jai Uttal, an internationally renowned kirtan sacred musician, will introduce you to bhakti and how it can help you uncover the place within where your true nature resides —a place where you desire nothing because you are fully immersed in the present moment, and your heart, mind, and soul are filled with joy.
Bhakti is all about surrendering your intellect and leading with your heart.

Jai will show you how bhakti, along with kirtan, India’s ancient call-and-response sacred chanting — and the most important technique in bhakti yoga — can eliminate our feeling of separateness and connect our hearts through song.
You’ll see how bhakti and kirtan together can help you invoke the energies of various deities through chanting — and transform you into an instrument of grace, unconditional love, service, and gratitude.

Jai will lead you in a beautiful kirtan practice where you’ll discover how devotional chanting can help you put aside your analytical way of thinking so you can sing, unencumbered, from the heart. You’ll embrace being fully present so you can express your emotions, allowing you to sing, dance, and live in harmony as part of your personal relationship with the Divine. You’ll chant together in exultation, surrendering to the Divine with love, devotion, and joyful celebration.
In this uplifting hour, you’ll discover:
• How bhakti is a devotional practice, enabling you to nurture an exalted, heart-centered relationship with the Divine
• A practice that can help you release all your worries and concerns to the Divine, enhancing spiritual awareness and awakening compassion in your daily life
• The power of kirtan and devotional chanting
• The ways that practicing bhakti can remove stress and anxiety, replacing them with positivity, love, and awe
• How following the path of bhakti can enhance your soul connection and provide a respite in difficult times
Jai is a Grammy-nominated sacred music composer, recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, and ecstatic vocalist. He grew up in Manhattan where his father was a music executive, producing many of the top hits of the day.

Jai’s interest in bhakti started in his teenage years and soon evolved into kirtan. “I was terrified of singing at first,” he recalls, “but somewhere along the line I realized that I couldn’t be paralyzed by fear because singing was the key to my healing and salvation.”

He has travelled extensively in India, where bhakti yoga became his spiritual calling. For nearly 50 years, Jai has been performing and teaching kirtan around the world, providing people with a safe haven where they can freely open and express their hearts and voices.

At the end of this hour together, Jai will share details about his new 7-week course on the core foundations of bhakti as a philosophy of life. You’ll go deeper in what it means to offer your totality to the Divine in an act of dedication, surrender, and worship, recognizing how you can expand your devotional awareness and fill your life with love, joy, and harmony.