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Experience the Healing Power of Devotional Chanting with Jai Uttal

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A 7-Week Live Video Training – Starts Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Experience the power of kirtan to help you release your worries and concerns to the Divine… enhancing your spiritual awareness and awakening compassion in your daily life. In the midst of some deeply unsettling circumstances in today’s world, are you longing for something everlasting to hold on to?

A more profound sense of Spirit that dwells in your innermost being? A source of universal, unconditional love? A place you can return to time and again to find respite?

Bhakti yoga is the philosophy and practice of cultivating a personal relationship with Spirit. The primary practice of Bhakti yoga is kirtan — call-and-response singing of the ancient Sanskrit names of the gods and goddesses.

When you walk the path of Bhakti, you awaken and churn deeply buried emotions and thoughts… and channel them — through voice and song — into a mighty river flowing to the Source, while also purifying your mind and heart.

Join Grammy-nominated sacred musician Jai Uttal, a world-renowned kirtan artist, in a loving 7-week exploration into the sacred lake of emotions within you. You’ll discover how to use your voice as an instrument to release your anxiety and stress, and access your inner well of healing and devotion.

With a renowned record label executive for a father, Jai was born with music in his blood. He first heard Indian music at the age of 17 and says of it that it “touched his heart like sounds of home.”

He later traveled to India regularly and studied under his esteemed and much beloved guru Neem Karoli Baba. Kirtan and other Bhakti yoga practices helped Jai overcome addiction and other personal challenges.

Throughout his course, you’ll chant kirtan along with him and experience how it can reduce your sense of separateness as you connect your heart to Spirit and to the community of participants, through song.

When you chant, you enter the heart cave, the seat of the soul that’s the same within all beings. With enough practice and intention, chanting strengthens new neural pathways in the brain and allows you to embody what you truly are — truth, beauty, unlimited joy, and prevailing, compassionate love.

Jai will introduce you to some of the deities of India who’ve been most influential in his life — including Hanuman, Sita and Ram, Shiva, Durga, and Radha and Krishna — and then guide you in chants that invoke their energies and transform you into an instrument of grace, unconditional love, sacred service, and gratitude — exalting you to a life of joyful celebration.

He’ll also share stories of his own adventures with his guru… and with the different gods and goddesses.

Beyond his stellar musicianship and preeminence in the world of kirtan, there’s another reason that Jai is such a legend. You can feel, in every syllable he sings, in every word he says, what a loving and spiritually connected being he is. He radiates goodness, kindness, sincerity, and love, and it’s nearly impossible not to be moved by his presence and the passion with which he sings. It’s a transmission that’s deeply affecting.

The Power of Delving Into Your Emotions

Rishis of ancient India believed that all our emotions are vital to bring light to our whole being. These ancient seers developed Bhakti yoga as a way to harness the energy of our feelings — both positive and negative…

… to propel us back into connection with our divine source, as we cultivate compassion for ourselves and others and recognize the divine in everyone and everything. And, as we do, we become inspired to live in selfless service to others.

In this new gentle, yet powerful journey with Jai, he’ll lead you in beautiful kirtan practices in which you’ll discover how devotional chanting can help you put aside your analytical way of thinking so you can sing from the heart, unencumbered.

You’ll settle into full presence and learn to sing, dance, and live in harmony as part of your personal relationship with the Divine — an essential way of being in which you desire nothing more because you’re awake and complete in the moment.

At a time when so many of us have been living in a contracted state of fear and worry, you’ll learn the fundamental steps toward liberating your voice and emotions… enabling you to experience calm, joy, and expansion.

In this heart-centered journey, you’ll:

• Explore the power of kirtan and devotional chanting, diving deep into the practice of Bhakti to dig into your heart’s deepest well of emotions and be touched by an exalted, heart-centered relationship with the Divine

• Experience an abundance of stories, invocations, chants, ragas, and meditations to honor the deities you’ll learn about

• Connect your unique voice to the deep well of feelings within you

• Experience the healing power of melodies and sacred mantras

• Remove stress and anxiety, while replacing them with positivity, love, awe, and a soul connection that provides respite in difficult times

• Hear Jai’s personal stories about chanting in India

• Dive deeply into love and wander into the unmarked territory of your soul’s journey to oneness

• Create a temple inside your heart… a place of refuge, love, being, and sanctity

• Understand the true meaning of guru

• Set out on the path of the heart to feel unburdened and rejuvenated, with a clearer sense of your intuitive guidance and spiritual purpose

And much more…

You’ll connect with Jai and experience his teachings through live streaming video. This connection is easy to use and will enhance the impact of Jai’s transmissions. Or you can easily connect just via audio if you choose — through any connected device.

(Can’t make it live? No worries! After each class, the video and audio recordings will be available for you to download or stream in a high-quality format at your convenience.)

Course Sessions Tuesdays at 1:00 pm Pacific

This course will feature LIVE teachings, interactive training sessions, Q&A, and experiential practices with Jai. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to open to divine connection and unconditional love so you can experience calm, joy, and presence — and discover the power of selfless service.

MODULE 1: Enter the Mandala of Love – The Essence of Devotion & the Practice of Chanting (Nov 2nd)

With the name of Ram, the impossible becomes possible! — Neem Karoli Baba

Jai will begin this first session with an invocation prayer to open the space and set your heart in motion. He’ll then guide you and your co-participants as you enliven your inner being and the external space with sacred sounds.

You’ll discover how to connect your unique voice to the well of feelings within you. As you soften your heart space and allow yourself to be vulnerable, you’ll begin to experience the healing power of the melodies and sacred mantras that Jai will teach you.

Your voice is desired and needed! So, come prepared to take a deep in-breath, open your mouth, and let your sound flow out with reverence.

By the end of the session, you’re bound to feel far less burdened — with a clear mind and an open, flowing heart.

In this module, you’ll also experience the:

• Hypnotic Bija mantra — singing seed syllables that are filled with potent healing qualities

• Japa mantra meditation, Ram Nam — a deeply moving meditation tool based on the repetition of sacred syllables

• Power of singing ragas — alchemical melodic phrases that express a specific mood or quality and follow a traditional Indian scale of notes

• Joy of the ancient practice of singing kirtan and how it can help you shed your inhibitions

MODULE 2: Invoke Hanuman through Chanting – The Embodiment of Love & Selfless Service (Nov 9th)

Jai will start this session with an invocation to help you connect with Source and contemplate the heart space.

Now that you’ve warmed up your voice and tended to the ember of love inside your heart, you’ll learn how to sing in a more expansive way, so your prayers can reach far and wide.

A hero of Bhakti, Hanuman is the embodiment of love and selfless service — a true ambassador of devotion. Through his devotion to Sita and Ram, he changed the course of destiny.

In this module, you’ll allow Hanuman to inspire you as you begin to explore the path of the heart. You’ll leave this session feeling rejuvenated, with a clearer sense of your intuitive guidance and spiritual purpose.

In this session, Jai will share:

• About the divine personality of Hanuman, the monkey god, the “superhero of Bhakti,” and lead you in a mantra chant invoking his energy

• Inspirational stories about Hanuman

• A chant to invoke Hanuman

• The meaning of Karma yoga and the connection between karma and Bhakti yoga

• A closing prayer and sweet lullaby to carry you into a deep and gentle place of remembrance

MODULE 3: The Journey of Sita & Rama — The Union of Love as Your Soul’s Path to Oneness (Nov 16) Love can’t be explained… it can only be felt in the confines of your heart. Through the practices of Bhakti, you can taste a drop of that divine nectar and learn how to share it with others.

In the Bhakti tradition, many teachings are passed down through the telling and retelling stories about the deities and the great saints. By listening to these stories with grace and receptivity, you immerse yourself in the inspiring energy of the gods and goddesses and absorb the teachings of the great Bhakti saints.

In this module, Jai will share the story of Sita and Ram, in which you’ll experience love, in union and in separation, and wander into the unmarked territory of your soul’s journey to oneness.

You’ll start to notice that, as you churn your song, you connect your body and heart… and experience a more colorful palate of emotions than you’ve previously known.

In this session, you’ll discover:

• Extensive, energy-building call-and-response meditative singing in the scale of a sacred raga

• A process of singing from the heart… connecting first your breath and then your voice to the river of emotions within — and singing them out

• The powerful Taraka mantra — Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram — the raft that takes you across the ocean of suffering to the realm of light

• The story of Rama and Sita

• How your breath can be your prayer

Module 4: The Transformational Chant to Shiva — Cultivate Patience, Trust & Surrender (Nov 23)

Surrendering your personal will to the Divine will is one of the foundation stones of Bhakti. By setting the daily intention of “thy will be done,” your life and purpose can be transformed into one of inspiration and celebration.

At this central point on your Bhakti journey, you may realize that you’re carrying an unnecessarily heavy load. Jai will guide you as you learn to shake things up and allow yourself to feel lighter, more surrendered, and — with patience and faith — move toward new realizations.

You’ll honor Shiva as the Auspicious One, the remover of doubts, who gives us the fire of transformation and renewal, so you can walk away from this session feeling lighter, more awakened, and able to see your path a little more clearly.

In this module, you’ll experience:

• Let Jai guide you through gorgeous chants to Shiva — a medley of celebratory mantras to the Lord of transformation

• Learn Japa meditation — the quiet or silent repetition of the sacred mantra “Om Namah Shivaya”

• An invocation to Shiva — a sweet opening prayer and lullaby

• The story of Shiva… who he is and what he signifies

• The qualities of patience and faith on the Bhakti path

MODULE 5: Invoke the Protection & Guidance of Durga — Find Sanctuary in the Arms of the Divine Mother (Nov 30). The Divine Mother takes many different forms and she’s present in the heart of all beings. She blesses us through her multitude of qualities and potentialities.

In this session, you’ll honor the protective qualities of Mother Goddess Durga and her immense capacity to hold, nourish, and love all her children. As she gives us life, and ultimately holds us in death, she offers us her boundless love, generous heart, and wise guidance.

By the close of this module, you’ll recognize the goddess’ name and mantra as a place to find solace and take refuge… a revitalizing spring from which to drink.

In this session, you’ll discover:

• One of Jai’s favorite melodies… a chant to invoke the Divine Feminine and the Mother Goddess of protection, Durga

• A chant to the fierce goddess and great mother of compassion Kali Ma, which he learned in the very remote deserts of West Bengal in 1973.

• The many names and moods of the Divine Mother

• Stories of Siddhi Ma — Jai’s spiritual mother and an Indian saint

• The life of Sri Ramakrishna — a 19th century saint and devotee of Mother Kali

• A song to Kali Ma, the great mother of compassion

• A closing prayer

MODULE 6: The Divine Couple, Radha & Krishna — Discover the Multicolored, Multifaceted Power of Love (Dec 7). How much can you love? How many colors does your love have?

The many colors of human love are so attractive that even the gods and goddesses want to experience it!

In this module, you’ll learn the story of Radha and Krishna and how these deities came to our world to show us the power of our human experience and the many moods of love. Their ecstatic relationship teaches us how to reach divine love through the experience of human love. They show us that the deepest jewel of love is multifaceted and multicolored.

By the end of this session, you’ll have a broader sense of how your love can color your life… and how your human feelings and emotions can enrich the colors of your love.

In this module, Jai will guide you through:

• An invocation to open the circle — a Sanskrit prayer designed to open your heart to your personal, local, and global communities

• Singing the Maha mantra — one of India’s most ancient and popular chants commonly known as the “Hare Krishna mantra”

• Radha and Krishna’s stories of love and longing as an example of opening to love

• Singing the Maha mantra, one of India’s most ancient and popular chants

• The importance of tradition in Bhakti

• Jai’s personal stories about chanting in India

• Closing prayers

MODULE 7: The Shelter of the Guru — Receive & Shine the Light of Unconditional Love (Dec 14).

Our goal as Bhaktas is to participate in life, seeing the divine in all forms. Taking shelter means arriving at a place where you’ll be seen, cared for, and fed in body, heart, and soul.

Like the Mother, the guru takes a form that’s appropriate to each seeker. The guru dwells in our hearts as the North Star… guiding us across the sea of suffering (or samsara).

In this final session, you’ll learn to open up and feel universal light shining upon and within you. From a receptive and humble place, you’ll pray and wait to hear… sense and wait to see… open to grace and express gratitude for what is given.

As the course closes, you’ll likely feel a sense of belonging and spiritual guardianship. The silken thread of divine connection has now become a great cord of love!

In this module, Jai will share:

• A closing kirtan — call-and-response singing to celebrate and open to joy

• The concept of the inner guru — and explain what guru tattva is

• The story of meeting his guru, Neem Karoli Baba, in 1971 in India

• Thoughts and teachings on the path of love and service (Bhakti and Karma yoga)

• Ancient Sanskrit prayers invoking the guru

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