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Update on “Shiva Station” Remake

Hey there, friends……

I hope this beautiful Spring day finds you all in good spirits. Life is so complicated and odd sometimes, isn’t it? But we can still try to keep our hearts and minds fresh, regardless of the challenges that cross our paths. Uh oh, sounding kind of ‘Hallmark’, aren’t I? Well, I’m just trying to remind myself!!!

Anyway, here I am, in between traveling and daddy-ing and husband-ing, working on a new album. Well, new and old at the same time. I’ve been recreating my CD Shiva Station for a 15th anniversary remake. But while the original was a completely rocking, band oriented project featuring the ‘Pagan Love Orchestra,’ this one is solo and acoustic, a very intimate take on a very extroverted BIG album. And it’s sure been challenging. First of all, trying to at least suggest all the orchestral parts on acoustic guitar and banjo really stretches me way beyond my limits, technically…. (Thank God for digital editing, I’m embarrassed to say.) But there’s more to it than that. As I revisit these lovely songs, I’m, of course, revisiting the moods and emotions of 15 years ago. You know how you feel when you listen to an old song that meant a lot to you in a completely different period of your life? Or when you go through a box of old photos? Well, this is sorta like that. And in those days my life was SOOOOOO different. The longings of my heart were pretty much the same, but my external circumstances were quite different and filled with a lot of sadness and anguish. I’m so thankful for the grace that has brought me to where I am today, and it’s healing but difficult to re-experience those feelings that birthed these songs… And rediscover them with the energy and joy the permeates my life now… Does that make any sense? I hope so.

I’m writing this quickly and I gotta go because I’m late for my recording session. Ben just texted me: “Where are you? I bought lunch!” So I’ll ‘see’ you all later.

Lots of love,

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2 Responses to Update on “Shiva Station” Remake

  1. Bhakti Brophy says:

    Hi Jai!

    Bhakti here. I took a course with you at Omega years agi …you obliged and we all chanted the Hanuman Chaleesa together, blessing my little Hanuman murti, who was sitting center stage. He’s still glowing, grinning, and shining like pure gold (even though he’s brass!).

    A year after that fabulous workshop, my neck broke. Your Kirtan album ggot me through that ordeal. However, I’m writing to tell you of the profound effect SHIVA STATION had on me when it came out. I listened to it night and day. You mentioned, as a songwriter, all of the emotions that are in grained within each piece of music and set in stone– all of them coming back to you now.

    I wanted to report to you that, although I’m now 44 and have been cognitive of my spiritual path since being a kid –and what a roller coaster ride of emotions we ride when Goddess Kundalini Shakti is awakening and purifying– SHIVA STATION brings back all great, beautiful memories. Such ecstasy and longing, while singing and chanting with you. Shiva Station was life changing for me. I first listened to it during that wonderful stage on the path when we realize that the search without– all of the searching for the Truth on the outside turns itself on its head and the search turns inward.

    I have a large collection of music, being a musician myself; Shiva Station stands out as one of those rare, “desert island discs”, that is not only profoundly beautiful, but contains within it such gracious, beautiful memories of a time in my life I never wish to forget.

    I thank you sincerely, Jai, for ALL of the Supreme Love and Devotion and Heart that you put into your music. I’m tickled that my Guru used to say “Jaya Bhakti!” and “Jai Bhakti! ” when saying my name. Maybe that’s why your work resonates so much? The innate grace, Love, and Bliss of our Divine Hearts meets and melts into the One while listening to your offerings.

    Thank you for Shiva Station.


    Jai Hanuman!

    Great Love and Tremendous Respect,


  2. ben Teitelbaum from Taos says:

    Hey Jai,
    We met and spoke briefly a couple of times at Sivananda late April. I understand, so glad that you have such blessings now. But funny how we still carry with us the bittersweet memories, even as we are present, staying present. See you in the future. You have inspired me.

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