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Online course starts tomorrow! Sign up now.

Hi friends,

My first online course, Awakening Bhakti, STARTS TOMORROW, March 1!


Dive into the vast ocean of Bhakti Yoga through singing, Japa, prayer, offering, laughing and crying. Awaken and nourish the seed of devotion within yourself in this four week online course. Share, explore and open your heart through mantra, song and Divine remembrance.
At the end of this course your wide open heart will be able to:
•    Sing a simple kirtan, with or without instrumental accompaniment.
•    Create a personal Bhakti practice at home.
•    Experience the joy and nectar of repeating God’s names.
•    Have a basic understanding of the Hindu text ‘Ramayana.”

Join me online tomorrow by signing up here!

Love and peace,

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One Response to Online course starts tomorrow! Sign up now.

  1. C Pieternella Jarvie says:

    I was just wondering if the online course can be taken at any time (like now?).
    If so, how is it completed, how much etc.
    I look forward to hearing from you,
    Warm regards

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