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Listening to “Bhakti Bazaar”

A rainy day in Porto da Lua, Bahia, Brasil. Listening to the wind, the ocean, and my soon to be released CD, Bhakti Bazaar, recorded with Ben Leinbach last year. Getting a massage for my tired achey muscles, dreaming of ‘love forever’….

I don’t usually listen to my own music and when I do, well, I’m too busy finding the faults to really enjoy it. But today I’m hearing with a full heart and a happy/sad river of gratitude. Hmmmm, maybe it’s the rain.

Anyway, in this atmosphere I guess anything would sound good, but I’m really enjoying Bhakti Bazaar and finding it quite moving. The absolute genius of our grand friend, Manose; the pristine voices of Tina Malia and Prajna Viera; the drumming of Bubai and the many colors of ‘sonic surgeon’ and co-everything, Ben. And I even like hearing myself for a change….

But most of all, what a joy to create a totally new musical environment for the glorification of the Divine Names, an all new journey into the ancient world of Bhakti prayer, another offering to the great Beloved of all……

And I sure do hope you all enjoy it…..

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2 Responses to Listening to “Bhakti Bazaar”

  1. sofia says:

    I love “bhakti bazaar”, I bought it randomly at a yoga show in London (first yoga show I go to… What a funny experience it was), and I liked the look of the colourful cover.
    Then I listened to it… And wow.
    Been listening to it for weeks on a loop, it’s totally inspiring me while I draw and create and just , well, be…

    I just cannot thank you enough.
    I get chills! I am humming the tunes everywhere!

    Thank you.

  2. sofia says:

    PS: I am going to get a massage soon too, and when I go, I will bring this CD along, and request that they play it for me while I lay there :) Lovely spiritual healing massage… Can’t wait.

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